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"League of Infamy": Two Days to Get Bad with Mantic
Mantic Games has been producing entertaining, lower cost alternatives to miniature game juggernauts like Warhammer: Age of Sigmar and Warmachine With games like Kings of War, The Walking Dead: All Out War, and Warpath, Mantic has made it possible to get some pretty good looking miniatures on the game table without breaking the bank Mantic's[...]
Kings of War: Vanguard Charges into the New Year with New Dwarf Faction
Mantic Games was kind enough to share some images from the new Dwarf Faction for Kings of War: Vanguard on their blog recently, and anyone who loves playing these stalwart warriors are sure to find a new favorite in the lineup! First up is the Dwarf Warband set, which includes 10 miniatures; 5 are the already[...]
Character and Mission Expansion for Mantic's 'Star Saga': Review
Star Saga, Mantic Games' sci-fi dungeon crawler, is coming out with a new expansion that will allow players to make their own settings and characters for use in the game! We got our copy; settle in while we check out what's under the hood and kick the tires! Countless stars, endless adventure! This expansion for Star Saga[...]
Hellboy Board Game Adds a Holiday Hellboy Miniature for Preorder
Dark Horse and Mantic Games are offering up a special treat this holiday season The long-awaited Hellboy board game is getting a special, limited edition holiday Hellboy miniature figure, available to order now on Mantic Games' website (and for purchase wherever Mantic Games pieces are stocked Details are as follows: Mantic Games is pleased to announce a[...]
Hellboy Board Game Adds Expansion Before It's Been Released
The Hellboy board game by Dark Horse and Mantic Games has been so successful in its Kickstarter launch, the companies have decided to add an expansion before the Kickstarter is even complete The decision to add the expansion, which sells as an add-on to pledges for £35, comes as the Kickstarter enters its final 48 hours,[...]