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Lady Death: Apocalypse #0 Hits Shelves From Boundless
Boundless has the over-sized Lady Death: Apocalypse #0 hitting comic shops this week with a 33-page story by character creator Brian Pulido and a gallery of unseen sketches and original pencils. Lady Death: Apocalypse #0 Special triple-sized issue!  The biggest Lady Death issue of her 24 year illustrious history is here!  Lady Death: Apocalypse #0 is a super-sized,[...]
Boundless Plug of the Week: LADY DEATH #19
If she feels that she no longer has a place in the Under Realm, where else might she belong? A new chapter in the ongoing saga of Lady Death, issue #19 is the brainchild of creator Brian Pulido and horror master Mike Wolfer (Stitched, War Goddess, Night of the Living Dead), featuring artwork from Marcelo Mueller[...]
Boundless Plug of the Week: LADY DEATH VOLUME 1
While she's gone through many incarnations, both within the context of the overall LD mythos and through a variety of publishers, the core of her story remains the same: Long ago, a young woman sacrificed her humanity to become the otherworldly femme fatale known as Lady Death. To redefine the character for a new era, Pulido[...]