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Erik Laren Launches New Ongoing Ant Series From August
Bleeding Cool has covered the journey between Mario Gully, Erik Larsen and the comic Ant over the decades considerably Ant was a comic book created by Mario Gully, that he created when he was sentenced for robbery First published by Arcana Studios, it and later moved to Image Comics, then again to Big City Comics,[...]
WolfCop Returns To Woodhaven – Max Marks Talks About Taking Lout Garou Home
Byron Brewer talks with Max Marks about the upcoming WolfCop #3, on sale in December from Dynamite. Cover by Mario Gully BYRON BREWER: Max, why the decision to bring the road trip to a close so soon and return Lou to Woodhaven? MAX MARKS: WolfCop's got something very specific to deal with from the second comic that makes him have[...]
Mario Gully, Bluewater, David Finch, Darren Davis And WTF Covers?
Mario Gully of Ant fame has drawn a cover for a new Bluewater comic, Drake He posts the art on his Facebook, stating specifically that it's a commissioned homage by Bluewater publisher Darren Davis of a Batman piece by David Finch.  Here they are together – clicky for biggy. It's not the only inspiration Bluewater is[...]
Ant, Mario Gully, Erik Larsen And A Case Of Crotch-Tongue
Last year, after a series of increasingly unbelievable personal setbacks, Mario Gully sold the rights to his sexploitation comic Ant to Erik Larsen Larsen is now planning to publish a new version… and hired Gully to draw it So Gully posted his first page on Facebook. ANT..the return! Hey here is a page From the new ANT[...]
Mario Gully Pleads Guilty To Robbery
It appears that the comic book creator of Ant, Mario Gully, was charged with robbery in July, resulting in his incarceration He pled guilty to the charge of larceny from a person and is currently awaiting sentencing. Jack Estrada noticed the official record of his arrest, as well as the news that his family were deleting[...]