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Wonder Woman Dominates Times Square
There has been some debate over the marketing of the upcoming Wonder Woman but in a massive push today the warrior princess basically took over Times Square That is prime adverting space and when we say she took over we really mean she took over 📷 @GalGadot @PattyJenks & @WonderWomanFilm take over @TimesSquareNYC #TimesSquare #NewYork[...]
Ulises Farinas On Making Diversity More Than A Marketing Tactic
So it's kind of her coming to terms with this power and also fixing her relationship with her mother after their father passed away. BC: And then yesterday at your panel, you had spoken a bit about why you started BUÑO and how it was kind of a cry for diversity, could I get you to[...]
'Marketing Is A Full Time Job' – Expert Advice On How To Publicize Your Project
Per LeFavi, you build creditability and integrity while displaying your knowledge of the subject. If you thought your project was a lot of work, Miller reveals that you will need to spend as much time on marketing as you did on your project It's important that you invest your time and imagination Per Celaschi, "marketing is[...]
So Who Wants A Comics Industry Job In San Diego Then?
As I just said to my wife, "you know, if I applied for this job, I might just get it" to her response "we are not moving to San Diego just so it would be easier for you to go to Comic Con." She has a point. But if you disagree; IDW is actively seeking discussions with[...]
Why You're Going To Love The Amazing Spider-man
The Dark Knight Rises is the climax to Christopher Nolan's literary fiction superhero trilogy that has made even stuffed-shirt broadsheet film reviewers sit up and take notice. So at best, Spider-man is chasing the bottom step on the podium And with Prometheus, Skyfall and The Hobbit all threatening to do stellar business, even the Bronze medal[...]
Bonfire – A New Ad Agency For The Comics Ethnic Demographic
Steve Rotterdam was Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at DC Comics Then, one day, he was not. Ed Catto is best known as the man behind the revival of Captain Action in both comics and toys, as well as working for Reed for the New York Comic Con. Together, they fight crime. No, sorry, together they[...]