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Scott Snyder On What Makes A Hero In Horror As Wytches #6 Concludes A First Arc (SPOILERS)
Wytches has gained a massive following, and the demographic of readers is rather expansive, engaging many readers in their teens following Sailor's plight but for those who are a little more wizened you'll also see much here to relate to about life crises, personal rehabilitation, and becoming your better self. Scott Snyder, Jock, Matthew Hollingsworth, and[...]
Advance Review:  Wytches # 4 – Nesting Behavior Ain't Pretty
And a whole lot more besides from the creative team of Snyder, Jock (art), Matthew Hollingsworth (colors), and Clem Robbins (letters) Issue #4 takes us for the first time consistently beyond the environs of the town the Rooks have chosen to relocate to in order to move past the death of bully Annie which has[...]
Who Would You Pledge? Wytches #2 Makes You Wonder How Well You Know Your Family
I've found one use for the comic Wytches that writer Scott Snyder, artist Jock, and colorist Matthew Hollingsworth probably never intended: staving off the shackles of jetlag after a red-eye flight I find myself in Leeds ahead of the Thought Bubble comic festival, where Snyder and Jock will also be in attendance, and even a[...]