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One particular posting on his Instagram account has led to a hilarious result: his two-year-old daughter refuses to believe that her dad is actually the person who voices Maui in Disney's Moana from 2016 He routinely talks about singing the song "You're Welcome" to her and explaining to her that he, Dwayne Johnson, is, in[...]
New Maui Character At Shanghai Disneyland Is The Stuff Of Nightmares
A demigod one. View this post on Instagram. Apparently at the castle stage show at the Shanghai park, you can watch an awesome-looking Moana and a Maui that will absolutely be seeing you in your nightmares later that night. No, thank you. Rumor has it he'll be doing meet-and-greets, and people are actually hoping he comes over to the[...]
Dwayne Johnson Introduces Us To Mini-Maui
Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is providing the voice of Maui in the upcoming Disney animated feature Moana In it he plays the god Maui whose body is covered in tattoos that show off some of his adventures There is also a tattoo of himself, a Mini-Maui, that works a bit like Jiminy Cricket and tells[...]