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Doctor Who animated series Daleks! wraps up this week (Image: BBC)
How desperate were the Daleks? They entered into an alliance with the Mechanoids- but from the looks of things as we head into this week's fifth and final chapter, "Day of Reckoning"? The Daleks may have a better appreciation for the human expression, "out of the frying pan and into the fire." Daleks vs Mechanoids-[...]
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Welcome back to our weekly coverage of Doctor Who "Time Lord Victorious" crossover animated series Daleks!, with this week's fourth chapter "The Deadly Ally" finding the Doctor's sworn enemy and the Mechanoids forced to into an alliance to defeat a threat that could turn both races extinct But even in the face of almost certain[...]
Doctor Who "Time Lord Victorious" spinoff series Daleks! key art for episode 3. (Image: BBC)
After last week's "The Sentinel of the Fifth Galaxy," the Doctor's sworn arch-enemies find their plans failing in the face of an unparalleled threat- so much so that they find themselves doing the unthinkable: urging an alliance with their enemies, the Mechanoids. Will they accept- or does the Queen have other plans in mind? And even[...]