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Three Clips From Men In Black 3

These clips from Men In Black 3 have so much going on, I almost feel ripped off that there isn't a musical number there as well.I think Josh Brolin might well be the making of this thing. Detective work, a gun fight, aliens, time travel plot mechanics, and a motorbike chase These clips from Men[...]

A Series Of Odd Men In Black 3 Marketing Videos

Don't expect too much… Apparently some kind of internal tests for something or another, these videos have inexplicably turned up on YouTube. I present them as five oddball curios of modern movie marketing. I wonder where, and how, we might see this animation crop up in use? Ohhhhhh I get it. They can't invent a […]

Get A Good Look At Rick Baker's Retro Aliens From Men In Black 3

Amongst a gallery of behind the scenes shots for the upcoming Men in Black threequel are some images of Rick Baker's alien creations. There's a few of the villain, Boris, as played by Jemaine Clement, but much more interesting are the supporting players. Seeing as a good chunk of the film takes place in the […]

New Men In Black 3 Posters Demonstrate The Agent K Aging Process

This will show you exactly how similar.The more the face ages, the more the hand stays the same.Check in for a look at the new Men In Black 3 trailer on Monday.Thanks to Kino Gallery for the original two images. So, there's this poster.And this poster.And they're pretty similar This will show you exactly how[...]

Is This a Men In Black 3 Spoiler? And Does It Lay Out the Future of the Franchise?

A reputedly lovely man.And how about a big pair of flappy, loose lips?Baker has been speaking about his work on Men In Black 3, for which he's been devising and applying the alien practical and make-up effects Speaking to Empire, however, he seemed to have let slip something very telling.Blastr pulled the quote: At least we've[...]

New Poster For Men In Black 3 Spells "Kudgk"

Reading from left to right, this Men in Black 3 poster features 1960s Agent K, time-hopping agent J and then the Agent K from the here and now.I hope we get to see a lot more of Josh Brolin in the marketing materials from here on out I've always enjoyed the "one actor mimicking another"[...]

Viral Video For New Sci-Fi Film The Europa Report With Sharlto Copley

Not only did he not ultimately sign on for Men In Black 3, Copley has lined up another indie-spirited sci-fi picture.The Europa Report is, as yet, quite mysterious, Here's the official plot description: A crew of international astronauts are sent on a private mission to Jupiter's fourth moon. That's it? At least it lends the film an[...]

First Trailer For Men In Black 3 Sticks To The Set-Up

Emma Thompson gets to drop the exposition bomb in this first trailer for Men In Black 3, and what she doesn't cover gets dealt with by the captions.The time jump was custom built for maximum 3D silliness Jolly japes And what fun we'll have being poked in the eye by the top of Chrysler Building.The[...]

First Look At The Guns From Men In Black 3

And he's sent over these first looks at guns from the upcoming Men In Black 3 movie...Bleeding Cool's Brendon Connelly is ensconsed at the Big Screen event today And he's sent over these first looks at guns from the upcoming Men In Black 3 movie...Bleeding Cool's Brendon Connelly is[...]

Men In Black 3 Time Machine-Spaceship-Thing From The Floor Of Comic-Con

More button-cam snaps from inside Comic-Con as the show set-up still goes on. Not sure that cameras and photos would ne too welcome yet. As well as the new Ghost Rider, Sony's main stand has a strong Men in Black flavour. There's a poster, and a spaceship/time machine/chrome vehicle thing. And very interesting it looks […]