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doctor manhattan
After all, who could he have become? Could he be Superman? Or maybe, ironically, Captain Atom? Of course, it's not like we don't have theories here at Bleeding Cool. If Doctor Manhattan is posing as a DC Universe character, could he be almost hiding in plain sight? Could he be someone else with a cold, dispassionate and[...]
Brian Michael Bendis batman
Now that the second-longest continuous writer at Marvel Comics, Brian Michael Bendis, has signed an exclusive deal with DC Comics, everything he ever said anywhere on the internet about DC Comics is up for discussion. Including this great post on his Tumblr from earlier in the year, when asked about the comparative fighting abilities of Batman and[...]
Pete Woods Sketches Some New New Gods For Godhead
We know Metron We are even aware of the upcoming Uggha, the fiercest New God, and his fellow newcomer Malhedron Though now we get a better look at them. But who is Hyalt? And what is The Recording Robot? It's also worth knowing that tomorrow is Wake Up And Draw For Jack Kirby day, celebrating the man's[...]