Michael Jon Carter

Batman #47 cover by Tony S. Daniel, Danny Miki, and Tomeu Morey

Batman #47 Review: A Surprisingly Decent Ending to a Subpar Arc

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] A year later, Bruce Wayne is training himself with the guns left behind by the Batman. He has Booster Gold chained up in his basement and is trying to repair Skeets in the hope of saving his parents. He soon discovers that Skeets is voice-activated, which means that he must bring Booster Gold […]


Why DC Hero Booster Gold Should Appear On Supergirl This Season

The story of Michael Jon Carter and how to escape his poor and dead-end life, he stole items from a superhero exhibit in a museum he was working security at and traveled back in time to make his fortune as a celebrity superhero Dropping this character into National City and having him start stealing the[...]