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Michael Parks, The Man Who Played Jack Kirby, Passes Away
Kevin Smith has announced the passing of actor Michael Parks at the age of 77 Smith refers to Parks as his cinematic muse Parks has played a diverse array of characters over his career that go back to the early sixties where he appeared on Gunsmoke, the Untouchables and the Detectives He appeared in the[...]
Is Man A Beast At Heart? Kevin Smith's Tusk Is Both Outlandish And Personal
 Kevin Smith's first batch of films helped me battle some of the stresses of post-high school life and well into my college career.  I wrote papers on Dogma and Smith himself.  I joined his ball hockey league and attended a good number of Q-and-A's and live podcasts.  I even managed to give the man a[...]
Behind The Scenes Of Kevin Smith's Tusk
Over on EW, they have a behind the scenes video for Kevin Smith's new film Tusk that stars Justin Long, Michael Parks, Haley Joel Osment, Genesis Rodriguez, and an uncredited but extremely famous movie star whose name they aren't giving away. It's the story of one man trying to turn another man into a walrus. Out of curiosity I checked[...]