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Dave Sim, John Byrne, Jules Feiffer & Al Jafee Join Popeye Kickstarter
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Oh, the Indie Horror: Diary of a Mad, Black Werewolf
So without further ado… Oh, the Indie Horror! Day 1: Diary of the Mad, Black Werewolf by Micheline Hess Micheline Hess is an author, illustrator and comic artist from NYC who enjoys telling stories that center black people, particularly children She also enjoys telling stories that delve into Afro-Caribbean folklore Her most notable work is the graphic[...]
Dieselfunk Dispatch: Making Malice with Comic Creator Micheline Hess
Greetings, Dieselfunkateers! Today we interview comics industry veteran Micheline Hess Hess is known for many works over the years but most prominently for Malice in Ovenland. DD: How are you today, Micheline? MH:  Very well, thanks! DD: I hear you there So how is the industry going for you right now as a creator? MH:  Right now, pretty good[...]
Impressions From The Black Comic Book Festival At the Schomburg Center
Despite this fact, many still haven't received the mainstream attention and notoriety that they deserve. Micheline Hess Writer and creator, Alex Simmons, was one of the participants at the event He discussed how he has contributed and helped bring more diversity to the already established and iconic comic book Archie. Alex Simmons Alex Simmons: I started working for Archie[...]