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Your First Look At The Remastered Miracleman #1
    Marvel Comics are publishing a remastered version of Miracleman from January, by Alan Moore The Original Writer, Mick Anglo, Garry Leach, Alan Davis, Chuck Austen, Rick Veitch, Rick Totleben, Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham We might have mentioned it once or twice. Eventually. Here's a look at the new work, Garry Leach's art, recoloured[...]
For Marvelman, A New Hope? Nope.
And suddenly he was taking calls from Axel Alonso. As we said then, he was represented by Jon Campbell, the man who represented Marvelman creator Mick Anglo to Marvel. He's now started tweeting more. Comicbookresources just rang the dinner bell and emailed me a bunch of questions about my secret Marvel project! #excited #comebackkid — Andrew Hope (@sputnik67) July[...]
So Who Owns Marvelman Anyway?
As part of Pádraig Ó Méalóid's two-thousand-one-hundred-and-sixty-eight part investigation into the history of Marvelman and Miracleman he when it comes to working out who owns it suggest that, well, maybe no one does. Firstly, he establishes that Mick Anglo's claim to the character is disputed by Arnold Miller, the son of the original publisher; The real story[...]
Is Marvelman Closer Than We Think?
CORPORATION DELAWARE 1600 Rosecrans Avenue Manhattan Beach CALIFORNIA 90266 Attorney of Record Eli Bard Type of Mark TRADEMARK Register PRINCIPAL Live/Dead Indicator LIVE Marvel Comics paid the late Mick Anglo a million dollars for his rights to Marvelman, but Todd McFarlane's trademark ownership of Miracleman had been a bit of a sticking point. No longer it seems. Could this be leading to a final, long awaited,[...]
Mick Anglo, Creator Of Marvelman, Passes
Mick Anglo died last week, aged 96, Bleeding Cool has confirmed. Novelist and comic book creator in the forties, fifties and sixties, it was his recreation of Captain Marvel as Marvelman for L Miller And Son for which he will be most remembered, an early British superhero character, writing over seven hundred issues of Marvelman, Young[...]
Hasbro To Debut Marvelman Figure At San Diego
Last year, Joe Quesada announced that Marvel had bought the rights to the Marvelman character from Mick Anglo Last month we discovered Marvel were publishing a number of classic Marvelman strips from the fifties and sixties And now it seems Hasbro are getting in on the act with a Marvelman toy And making it a[...]