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The Latest In Dick Grayson's ButtWatch (Midnighter SPOILERS)
Gotta catch them all. And in this case, we have Midnighter #3 by Steve Orlando and Aco, a splendid comic with much to recommend it, innovative, fresh and… …unable to resist the possibility of a Dick Grayson buttshot Let alone a final page scene the continues the budding bromance between the two. Almost… Herculean, isn't it? Comics courtesy of[...]
SDCC '15: LGBTQ Geek Year in Review
This was touched on again, before moving to the final arcs controversy of its own, as many, if not most, fans felt there was an undesirable and unwanted rape plotline involved. The group mused on how the climate has become such now that whereas in the past a queer audience may have felt they had to[...]
Cleaning Up DC Comics' LGBT History With The Advocate
[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUP_9BB6zWo[/youtube] The Advocate's Jase Peeples presented a special episode of DC All Access on YouTube, looking at the history of LGBT characters in DC Comics as part of Pride month, but makes a number of curious omissions. While it looks at what may have been clumsier efforts to portray such characters and issues in the past, he[...]
SE: NYC '15 – Corporations Are People We Can Punch – The DC You Panel
Derek Trum is sat in today's DC You panel at SE: NYC '15 and reports in… "If corporations are people, they're people we can punch."- Steve Orlando Steve Orlando talked about his relaunch of Midnighter Covers were shown for first three issues In issue #3 Midnighter will face off with Multiplex, a villain most recently featured during[...]
Tales From The Four Color Closet – Midnighter: The Hero We Need!
By Joe Glass This week has seen the release of the first DC comic headlined by a gay male lead, in the form of Midnighter by Steve Orlando, Aco and Romulo Fajardo Jr. Midnighter is of course an existing character, albeit one who's gone through some changes since the New 52 came around In the 90s, he[...]
Midnighter Just Had A One Night Stand With Warren Ellis
In today's Convergence: Nightwing/Oracle #2, the backup preview features Midnighter, by Steve Orlando and ACO. And we open with the young, naked Midnighter in bed, grabbing his Batman underoos, amidst a pile of condoms. Is this the first condom appearance in DC's standard superhero comic line? It's been a while since that issue of Static that caused all the[...]
Has DC Comics Reached LGBT Parity Now?
In a conversation about Midnighter being a single gay man and about Catwoman being bisexual, Midnighter writer Steve Orlando was asked, @josephglass @JustPlainTweets @FotoCub Constantine is in the club ! Don't worry — Steve Orlando (@thesteveorlando) March 11, 2015 Hmm Just doing the maths Midnighter is gay Catwoman is bi Constantine is bi Harley Quinn is bi (with two titles[...]
DC Comics To "Fully Embrace" Life Of A Single Gay Male In Midnighter
Talking about their June mini-relaunch, they confirm pretty much what Bleeding Cool has been reporting this month, including the previews of June books in stand alone original eight page stories in the back of every Convergence May title from the book's creative teams. But along the way, we read that they are not shying away from[...]
3 More For DC Mini-Relaunch – Green Lantern Lost Army, Omega Men And Martian Manhunter (UPDATE)
Fate W: Paul Levitz A: Sonny Liew Harley Quinn/Power Girl (6-issue limited) W: Jimmy Palmiotti & Amanda Conner A: Stephane Roux Justice League of America W: Bryan Hitch A: Bryan Hitch Justice League 3001 W: Keith Giffen A: Howard Porter Martian Manhunter W: Rob Williams A: Ben Oliver Midnighter W: Steve Orlando A: ACO Mystic U W: Alisa Kwitney A: Stay tuned for artist info! Omega Men W: Tom King A: Alec Morgan Prez W: Mark Russell A: Ben Caldwell Red Hood/Arsenal W:[...]
The DC Universe Gets A New Gay Lead Comic – Midnighter By Steve Orlando And ACO
When Batwoman was cancelled, DC Comics lost their only gay lead comic book. Well, that has been rapidly repaired. As part of June's mini-relaunch from DC Comics, we are getting a new ongoing Midnighter series by Steve Orlando and ACO. After his appearance in Grayson, it could only be a matter of time… Midnighter was created by Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch in[...]
Dick Grayson And The Male Gaze
Dick Grayson buttshots have been a bit of a running joke. There are Tumblrs such as F--- Yeah Dick Grayson's Ass and Nightwings Ass Appreciation, with
Red Lanterns #10 – The Return Of One Punch!
Indeed "one punch" has become a mantra for some. Today, in Red Lanterns #10, we get a return to that with Batman stand-in Midnighter And a certain Red Lantern feline, Dex-Starr With exactly the same result. There will be outrage you know Not to mention that we have a gay man hitting some pussy. Shame they couldn't reprise[...]
Emma And Grifter And Midnighter
Is this another one of those Pride And Prejudice And Zombies stories? Sadly not, it's just some teething troubles in the brand spanking new DC website. But why stop there? Why not actually publish an Emma And Grifter And Midnighter comic? And, yes, get Chuck Dixon to write it? It could be a cult hit! [...]