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The Stuff Of Legend Creative Team Thanks Loyal Fans And Welcomes New Readers
Old and new readers should be excited about this Free Comic Book Day title…The Stuff of Legend, from Third World Studios, written by Mike Raicht and Brian Smith, with art by Charles Paul Wilson III, is back! After a long hiatus the creative team thanked loyal fans and welcomed new readers by beginning the reprint of their original Free[...]
Smiley Takes Center Stage On These Process Art Pages
The constant companion of Evil Ernie has his own one-shot coming out on Wednesday from Mike Raicht and Rod Rodolfo and we have some of the interior pages and process art Colorist on the series is Andrew Dalhouse (The original solicitation said Juanan Antonio was the artist but Dynamite said Rodolfo when they sent these images[...]
Don't Worry, Be Smiley The Psychotic Button – New One-Shot From Dynamite
Written by Mike Raicht (Dark Shadows) and featuring artwork by Juanan Antonio (Dungeons & Dragons), this 48-page one-shot special explores the origin of Smiley — the demonic entity affixed to the chest of Evil Ernie The one-shot will featuring cover artwork by Chaos! artist Mirka Andolfo. The Smiley one-shot answers the question: Just how terrifying could[...]
Dynamite Hits The Way Back Machine With Army Of Darkness #1992.1
It will be a commemorative square-bound edition, featuring short stories of demon-hunting hero Ash Williams written by the likes of Steve Niles, Elliott Serrano, Cullen Bunn, James Kuhoric, and Mike Raicht. Senior Editor Joseph Rybandt says, "Army of Darkness will always have a special place in our collective hearts, as ten years ago, it was our very[...]
Matt Wagner Talks The History Of The Green Hornet Both In And Out Of Comics
Wagner's run on Green Hornet for Dynamite Entertainment is now being collected and Mike Raicht had a chance to speak to the double-threat creator about the series. MIKE RAICHT: I just wanted to start by saying that I am a huge fan of Mage, so thank you for creating such an extremely fun world and character[...]
Robert Napton On Writing Strong Sexy Women Like Dejah Thoris
Robert Napton, the writer for Warlords of Mars: Dejah Thoris sat down with Mike Raicht to talk about his experience with Edgar Rice Burroughs and how to write a strong female character who exudes sexiness. MIKE RAICHT: With a few Dynamite titles under your belt, you've spent a lot of time on Mars When did you[...]
Comic Book Men's Walt Flanagan On Cryptozoic Man
 Flanagan sat down with Mike Raicht to talk about Cryptozoic Man being published by Dynamite Entertainment. MIKE RAICHT: How did Cryptozoic Man come to life for you guys? WALT FLANIGAN: The Cryptozoic Man design/ idea came from the old  1980s plastic man saturday morning cartoon I picked up the entire series on DVD  at a close out[...]
Mike Raicht Talks Dark Shadows And The End Of The Stuff Of Legend
Mike Raicht is showing off his range The writer made his mark on the industry with the amazing all-age's story The Stuff Of Legend and went on to do the pulpy sci-fi Wild Blue Yonder with IDW at the same time he's been doing the horror classic Dark Shadows for Dynamite Nancy Collins caught up[...]
Into The Wild Blue Yonder With Mike Raicht
If you visit Mike Raicht's twitter account you'll see that he describes himself as a, "Dad and Idiot Husband." After that, in its own sentence, he calls himself a writer Mike is a very talented and prolific writer currently working on a new series for IDW Publishing called Wild Blue Yonder as well as The Stuff Of[...]
FREE: Raise The Dead 2 #1 And Hack/Slash/Eva #1
The free first issues of Raise The Dead 2 by Leah Moore, John Reppion, Mike Raicht and Guiu Vilanova, followed by the first issue of Hack/Slash/Eva by Brandon Jerwa and Cezar. Of course, if you like them, you can also buy the Raise The Dead 2 and Hack/Slash/Eva: Monsters Ball trade paperbacks also out today. It's a[...]