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China & Uighurs: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
It was Stephen Colbert's A Late Show John Oliver's Last Week Tonight discussion regarding China's justification of oppressing their citizens as reminiscent of the movie Minority Report that got my ire rising again on this one But, sadly, not for the reason they were going for. Okay that is both insane logic and also the exact[...]
China & Uighurs: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
To better articulate what's happened to the Uighurs, Oliver summarized the plot to the 2002 film Minority Report focusing on its themes of free will. Two of the biggest beneficiaries of Uighur labor are Nike and Volkswagen When confronted, Nike responded they're no longer using the exploited labor and representatives are "conducting ongoing diligence with our[...]
Tomorrow, Batman Crosses Over With The Minority Report…
With the plot of the Minority Report Here's a preview of Justice League: Darkseid War: Batman #1 as published on Nerdist. He could solve world hunger He could put an end to all war But instead, he just fights crime in Gotham You can take the man out of the Bat but you can't[...]
Frankenstein Code And Minority Report Get Trailers From Fox
Two new series from Fox this fall will be the Frankenstein Code and Minority Report The first is of course a modern re-imagining of the Mary Shelley classic, about a man brought back to life by two scientists playing god While the second follows the unlikely partnership between a man haunted by the future and a cop[...]
Fox Picks Up Lucifer, Frankenstein Code And Minority Report
Minority Report based on the Tom Cruise movie, Lucifer based on the Vertigo comic by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth and Mike Dringenberg and the Frankenstein Code. Minority Report, executive produced by Steven Spielberg, picks up 10 years after the end of Pre-crime in D.C One of the Pre-cogs struggles to lead a normal human life, but is[...]
The End Of Sheltered Reminds Me Why I Hated The Minority Report Film
Remember Minority Report? The Tom Cruise futurist film based on the Philip K Dick short story, lots of big holoPadtech, psychics who could see the future, letting police stop murders from ever happening, though for some reason we didn't get into wars, economic crashes or natural disasters being avoided in a similar fashion[...]
Minority Report Moves Forward In Development With Pilot Order From Fox
Fox has given an early pilot order to Minority Report The project from Steven Spielberg's Amblin Television and writer Max Borenstein (Godzilla) has been speeding through development season after having gotten a put pilot order back in September with a $1 Million penalty Kevin Falls, the creator and showrunner for Journeyman, has come on board[...]