The End Of Sheltered Reminds Me Why I Hated The Minority Report Film

Remember Minority Report? The Tom Cruise futurist film based on the Philip K Dick short story, lots of big holoPadtech, psychics who could see the future, letting police stop murders from ever happening, though for some reason we didn't get into wars, economic crashes or natural disasters being avoided in a similar fashion. Homicide as a crime had been reduced to zero.

It was all very jolly but I was let down by the ending. Tom Cruise's actions, exposing corruption and abuse at the heart of the precog program sees the whole system shut down.

And everyone lives happily every after. Apart from the next murdered person, and the next and the next. I was left with the very unsatisfying belief that the filmmakers hadn't followed through on their logic and had ignored the fact that a murderopolypse was on its way.

Turns out they hadn't so much. They had included a final frame text stating that murders had returned to society. But apparently it went down badly and was removed.

It needed that follow through in logic to make the whole point of the program make sense, to have any kind of emotional impact other then "aahhh, happy every after".


Today's final issue of Sheltered by Eddie Brisson and Johnnie Christmas isn't exactly happy. The compound in which the kids of survivalists had holed up after killing their own parents, has been invaded. It has gone down.


After taking out a helicopter, the kids have been captured or killed by government agents – or themselves – and this final issue out today deals with the aftermath. In prison, on the media, at the funerals, the impact of the story is felt in full.


But there's the point of it all. The point of why these events even happened in the first place. The reason holding it all together and constantly teased to the reader through the series. And it is waiting for you on the last panel. I urge you to seek it out.

That, Spielberg, is how you do it.




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