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Dead Man Blogging 415: Bleeding Cool's 'Fear the Walking Dead' Live-Blog!
415 | Fear the Walking Dead ( In this sequence from last week's 'MM 54,' we finally get a good chunk of Martha's (Tonya Pinkins) tragic backstory – with a very disturbing "musical" montage at the end: can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: 'Martha's Vengeance' Talked About Scene Ep[...]
Fear the Walking Dead Season 4: A Preview of 'I Lose Myself,' A Look Back at 'MM 54'
415 | Fear the Walking Dead ( Before Sunday night's new episode, take a look back at Bleeding Cool's review of 'MM 54' and see why Fear the Walking Dead continues to be a ton of serious potential – but needs to decide once-and-for-all if it wants to be a "new" or "old" show: can't be loaded[...]
Dead Man Blogging 414 'MM 54': Bleeding Cool's 'Fear the Walking Dead' Live-Blog!
Welcome back once again to Dead Man Blogging: Bleeding Cool's Fear the Walking Dead Live-Blog! as we live-blog the fourteenth episode of the AMC series' fourth season 'MM 54.' There's this thing that fans of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead have come to expect from the series, especially during this fourth season: if there's a chance for a good situation to turn bad,[...]