MoCCA Fest 2015

MoCCA Fest '15 – 86 Photos From The Show

MoCCA Fest this year moved to Chelsea and to a really interesting multi-level space that even included a rooftop lounging area. Though we understand that sadly the space won't be available next year, a big congratulations to the Fest for choosing an excellent locale this year and conducting what seemed to be a very welcoming […]

A MoCCA Fest Debut: Bonetti's Defense From Ken Wong

Ken Wong will be bringing a new book to MoCCA Fest this weekend in New York entitled in long-form: Bonetti's Defense: I Know Something You Don't Know About Swordplay in The Princess Bride. Ken Wong notes that he is "a former fencer, has definitely studied his Agrippa and his analysis provides history and context of […]

Tales Of The Night Watchman Creators Swarm On MoCCA Fest

You heard that right. MoCCA Fest is going to be a very dangerous place this weekend because all of the devious and aberrant minds behind Tales of the Night Watchman are going to be there, and that's a highly unusual thing. In all seriousness, something great about So What? Press' series Tales of the Night […]

Preview A MoCCA Fest Debut: Library Book From Andrea Tsurumi

The astonishingly talented Andrea Tsurumi, who works in both illustration and comics, as well as points between with a composition style that often challenges the use of frames, has put together a delightful new mini for MoCCA Fest this weekend entitled Library Book. The mini is a book-lovers miscellany of themed material from recent work, […]

Preview MoCCA Fest '15 Debut The Vagabonds #4 From Josh Neufeld

Rounding out our MoCCA Fest debuts tonight appearing this weekend in New York from Hang Dai Studios in Brooklyn, we have The Vagabonds #4 from Josh Neufeld featuring a genre-mix of journalistic, socially observant, and fictional elements. Hang Dai Editions, the publisher, describes The Vagabonds #4 thus: The Vagabonds #4 serves up a spicy blend […]

Preview MoCCA Fest '15 Debut Heart-Shaped Hole From Dean Haspiel

MoCCA Fest is coming up this weekend in New York City, so bring on the new comics, and here at Bleeding Cool we've gotten our hands on some dandy previews. This one, also out of Hang Dai Studios in Brooklyn, comes from Dean Haspiel, and is a collection of several never before in print Billy […]

Preview MoCCA Fest '15 Debut Secret Sauce From Seth Kushner

As many of the comics community members know, Seth Kushner has been down but certainly not out as he has with great tenacity survived nearly a year long struggle with Leukemia. Welcoming him back is a great pleasure, and he's bringing his new comic Secret Sauce to MoCCA Fest this weekend in New York. Here's […]