Tales Of The Night Watchman Creators Swarm On MoCCA Fest


You heard that right. MoCCA Fest is going to be a very dangerous place this weekend because all of the devious and aberrant minds behind Tales of the Night Watchman are going to be there, and that's a highly unusual thing.

4eUm_VdVywsb9ZLU--_u2-NGf9j1Pbh44m1Qv-eUXaNya5gx5HtwLUOKJCiQOfljRCr8tdh_KUaszrSDlg-u_gGDbtk_u3CMXIh0smbNIZW4PB9y5iTn0igsUVCXgZWyRc2MiQy5pbTbrJSOVFWj999_4RQEickJDJokvTM=s0-d-e1-ftIn all seriousness, something great about So What? Press' series Tales of the Night Watchman is how collaborative it feels and the way in which it stitches the comics community together in enthusiasm for the noir occult series.

So What? Press have also recently made two announcements about the series, one that Amanda Scurti has been signed on to do two more issues of the series, illustrating issues 5 and 6, with Dave Kelly and Lara Antal writing, and secondly that June Vigants has joined the team to do a special one-shot issue for a Fall 2015 release.

KuuKkSXQ6G0E7VQt2xpruqAno3fWe1qHYQ8S0hF-QuOHGyJd0IeRO2_vGG9lGxnkoidV4MZ9wGvFPPHAi4fPsXz3aMxLDhWzQgXalFR-_BPQYD1nftAcP9hY-C7mlm45xWTfTTJtJB2bKwysZlCqn7YzGfun5ebPgw8xPm4=s0-d-e1-ftYou can find these fine folks at their tables at MoCCA Fest here:

Dave Kelly & Lara Antal – table #355
Molly Ostertag – table #354
Amanda Scurti – table #353
June Vigants – table #434

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