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Fights In Tight Spaces Gets An Early Access Release
Publisher Mode 7 and developer Ground Shatter revealed today they will be releasing the full version of Fights In Tight Spaces The game has been out in Early Access on steam since February, bringing you all the action of a Netflix show as you fight off tons of bad guys in small and cramped areas[...]
Cute City-Building Game The Colonists Is Coming To Consoles
Originally developed by Code By Fire and published by Mode 7 for the PC version, the game will have you in charge of a fleet of robots tasked with setting up a civilization on a distant planet so human life can set up shop when they're done Now we know the game is coming to[...]
Fights In Tight Spaces Gets An Early Access Release
Mode 7 and Ground Shatter are bringing close-quarters combat to Early Access as Fights In Tight Spaces is now on Steam This game will have you harkening back to wanting to be Daredevil fighting a bunch of dudes in a hallway as the game will put you in the position of being the toughest fighter[...]