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Spider-Man #7 Sets Up Web of Carnage for Summer Of Symbiotes
With its purpose renewed, Carnage has scant few hurdles between it and a glorious ascension to the throne of the King in Black…and the first is named Morlun." Well, today's Spider-Man #7 featured not only Spider-Boy but also Morlun at the conclusion of his reappearance for the End Of The Spider-Verse storyline In (mostly) one piece,[...]
A New Spider-Man #1 From Marvel, Dan Slott & Mark Bagley for Octover
It will see the return of Morlun And it will run alongside the current Amazing Spider-Man by Zeb Wells and John Romita. And wearing what appears to be a new Norman Osborn-designed Spider-Man suit, as teased in Amazing Spider-Man. The two Spidey masterminds will be teaming up for the first time on Spidey to unleash the full[...]
Edge Of Spider-Verse Introduces Gwen Stacey As Spider-Woman
Written by Jason Latour and drawn by Robbi Rodriguez, the story of the spider-powered heroes from across all the universes uniting to battle the threat of Morlun continues in September. "This story sees Gwen at a real crossroads of her life," says writer Jason Latour, in an interview with[...]