Marvel Boy And Sinatoro – More Bits And Pieces From MorrisonCon

Thomas Allard went to MorrisonCon. But didn't have any wifi…  he writes;
Unfortunately since I didn't have internet in the hall, it was a bit tough to send things so most of the things I thought to send you, you already got, but here are a few things here and there that I caught and while it might not warrant an article it might be useful to you in some ways?
Bring on the bullet points!
  • Grant Morrison's Marvel Boy, despite appearing as "left on the side" will be used in an upcoming Marvel title according to Jason Aaron, but he didn't say any more.
  • Also Jason's next indie project will be a short mini, I seem to remember 4 issues but I'm not quite sure. But it definitely should be short and he's sticking to his noir roots for this one before maybe trying his hand at other genres.
    Frank Quitely mentioned how Mark Millar is apparently saying that he's half-way through issue 2 but he's only done 3 pages for Jupiter's Children as of now.
  • Grant's run on Action Comics will be up to 17 not 16 and he's not leaving superhero comics at all. What he's doing is, for now, leaving monthly superhero comics for a while but this is far from superhero retirement as has been said before. From the interviews I've seen of him, it looks like he has trouble with the fact that his books can't be late anymore and so consequently has many different artists in the same issue.
  • A deal has apparently been reached for Sinatoro [the film Morrison has written the screenplay for, much promoted the last two years] if I heard well so more news should be coming up pretty fast.
  • As for Max Landis' superhero show, it's actually definitely not a superhero show, even with a wide interpretation. Basically, it's a very intelligent girl who to avenge her father will make the bad guy believe that a superhero is after him when it's just some kind of scam that she's doing with several people. It's definitely an homage but it's not a straight up superhero thing.
  • On Multiversity, Grant said he wanted to do something "at least as good as the better issues of Watchmen"
  • The Question's morals won't be based on objectivism anymore but on something I thought was called "spinal theory" but I can't find that on google so it's probably not the correct name. It's about how there are different levels in the evolution of society and the human being would follow the same path on his own scale and those levels would be represented by colours with the very first one being red, representing us at our very raw.

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