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Isola #3 cover by Karl Kerschl
We learn a little of the politics of this world too, which adds a little depth. Isola #3 art by Karl Kerschl and MSASSYK Karl Kerschl and MSASSYK continue to be the biggest selling point of the comic The story is interesting and compelling, but the art is gorgeous and unlike anything you can get another comic[...]
Isola #1 cover by Karl Kerschl
Like I said, you can pick up the important points from the story. Karl Kerschl and MSASSYK do some phenomenal work, and their artwork is what primarily holds the entire comic together They bring a distinct and stylistic aesthetic to the comic Each character is distinct The beasts have great designs Even the tiger-queen is varying[...]
isola #1 variant
Like the first cover, the variant will also be drawn by series artists Karl Kerschl and Msassyk Writer Brenden Fletcher gets off easy, not having to draw either cover. We're not personally always a fan of variant covers, especially when they're used to artificially inflate sales on comic book or when they're used to squeeze retailers for[...]