A 6 Page Preview Of Hamilton: The Graphic Novel By Jonathan Hennessey And Justin Greenwood

It's not just a musical. Alexander Hamilton: The Graphic History of an American Founding Father is also a graphic novel by Jonathan Hennessey and Justin Greenwood Out in August, 176 pages for $19.99. And you get to see the first 6 of them below.This complete graphic novel-style biography presents the life and legacy of one of the most influential figures[...]

'La La Land' Is A Charming If A Bit Overrated Homage To Classic Hollywood

La La Land is well shot and well acted but a musical depends on the voices of its leads and Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are not strong singers.Title: La La Land Director: Damien Chazelle Summary: A jazz pianist falls for an aspiring actress in Los AngelesThere are two things that Hollywood loves more[...]

Could Matthew Vaughn Make Oliver Or West Side Story? Sony Leaks…

These will be studied in depth by current media students and future historians piecing together such an insight.And for now, giving us a hint of what may be coming.Such as Sony exec Hannah Minghella talking in October about upcoming projects for Matthew Vaughn to follow The Kingman, specifically a movie remake of the Oliver musical. I[...]

Welcome To… Assassin's Creed, The Musical

[youtube][/youtube]Just days before the launch of Assassin's Creed Unity, Assassin's Creed gets a musical treatment, courtesy of Machinima Prime.Featuring the characters from past games including Altair, Ezio, Connor, Edward, Aveline, evenDesmond Miles in elaborate costumes, the video is directed by Brendan Bradley with original songs by Cormac Bluestone and Joel Rubin[...]

Full Trailer For Sam Mendes' Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was a musical all along, with the lyrics to several songs right there on the page These were pretty faithfully adapted for Tim Burton's film, but the 70's movie had plenty of good tunes of its own.It's definitely suitable for Charlie to have big numbers in it, mixed[...]

Video: Sylvester Stallone Previews The Rocky Broadway Musical

The musical version of Rocky is headed to Broadway in early 2014 Sylvester Stallone appears in the video pitch for the show along with some bits of scenes - and songs.Yep, that's Rocky: The Musical And I bet you anything this gets made into a feature film within the next three years, five on the[...]

Superman The Musical: In Full

Earlier this year we got a chance to see a few minutes of the TV adaptation of the musical It's A Bird.. It's A Plane.. It's Superman from the seventies Well now we get a little more.I literally have no idea how long this will stay up Superman: The Musical in full All ninety minutes[...]

Game Of Thrones, Season One Recap, In Song…

How about if you could do it all in two minutes forty seconds, in a musical format?Bleeding Cool is proud to present (and help with the editing, slightly) of this following musical solution to all your season one recap needs...[youtube][/youtube] So, Season Two of Game Of Thrones is about to begin[...]

Rock Of Ages Trailer Builds Hair Band Nirvana Out Of Celebrity Indiscretion

Who doesn't want to see Alec Baldwin, Russell Brand and Tom Cruise all going hell for leather on some 80s hair band "classics"? If only they had a trio to perform, complete with choreographed dance routine. Surely Rock of Ages is a solid cult classic just waiting to happen? It seems to have been carved […]

Rocky Is Becoming A Musical – Of Course

For their next project, they are conspiring to bring Rocky to the stage as a musical, subtitled Fight From the Heart.They've apparently also secured the rights to use songs from the films, including Take You Back and Eye of the Tiger I'd imagine they'll be telling just one film's worth of story, however, and Tiger[...]

David Fincher And Trent Reznor Discussing Fight Club: The Musical

It's been while since I heard any talk about the proposed musical version of Fight Club, but what goes around comes around, and the volume has just gone up on that discussion again.From Badass Digest we learn that David Fincher has recently been discussing plans for the show with Trent Reznor They got this information second[...]

Tom Cruise And Mary J Blige Fancy A Knees-Up With The Rock Of Ages

On Broadway, Rock of Ages is the jukebox musical for fans of perms, spandex and getting served drinks mid-show, in your seat When this is translated to screen, what will be left? Perms and spandex And probably all of the fourth-wall breaking and jokes about just being characters in a cheesy musical, though they'll play[...]

Review: Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark – And Turn On The Magic!

Awesome!I loved the musical.  The sets and stunts were amazing, the story was alright, the acting was great, and the music was very good.  My one small fanboy gripe though is that they say Peter goes to Queens High School and Columbia University in the play.  He went to Midtown High and[...]

Monday Runaround – Don't Mess With Kyle Baker

And just wait till we get to the crotch-shot bonanza! MusicalWatch: The National Post attacks the Spider-Man musical; Plagued by financial woes and painful rehearsal mishaps, the production is finally set to open on Jan 11, to the estimated tune of US$60-million Which means I have less than two months to curb my cynicism about the project[...]