Could Matthew Vaughn Make Oliver Or West Side Story? Sony Leaks…

I think that the Sony leaks hosted by Wikipedia could prove to be a major anthropological discovery, a real slice of history, the unfettered thoughts of the executives of a major pop culture institution over a year. These will be studied in depth by current media students and future historians piecing together such an insight.

springMusical_thumbAnd for now, giving us a hint of what may be coming.

Such as Sony exec Hannah Minghella talking in October about upcoming projects for Matthew Vaughn to follow The Kingman, specifically a movie remake of the Oliver musical.

I suggested to Tim that they explore Matthew Vaughn. Tim called him and Matthew said he was already thinking he wanted to do a musical next and the two he had been contemplating were Oliver and West Side Story so it was very serendipitous!?! Cameron is very open to the idea and they are all meeting next Wednesday or Thursday. If that goes well they'll bring Matthew over here for a meeting (hopefully before Thanksgiving). Promising!

Vaughn also talked about wanting to do a musical here, though he didn't say which, though he mentioned Grease and West Side Story as being of their age and how Moulin Rouge came close to doing the same..

Still… Vinnie Jones as Fagin anyone?

The Sony e-mails reveal that the Oliver production is with Working Title. They also approached the likes of Joe Cornish, Edgar Wright and Steven Moffat without joy (Steven not being available till 2016), and that David Nicholls, Jeremy Brock,  Mathew Warchus, Paul King and Dexter Fletcher were being considered.

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