Duncan Jones Next Project is a Graphic Novel Titled Madi

Moon and Mute director Duncan Jones has committed to making a movie based on the 2000AD comic book Rogue Trooper but the last update we got on that project was back in January of 2019 While that project appears to be stalling a bit Jones is now working with legendary comic creator and innovator, and[...]

Duncan Jones in 2016

Duncan Jones Teases Next Film – It'll Be a Comic Book Movie!

Or, maybe, any of the literally a dozen comic book films in the works for the other studios.What would YOU like to see him direct in the comic realm?We'll of course let you know as soon we find out what Duncan is working on, and until then, maybe go brush up on Moon, Mute, and[...]


Netflix Almost Bought Landmark Theaters, Report Says

Like Duncan Jones's Mute, which had two screenings, one in Los Angeles and one in the UK.The streaming service and studio did garner an Oscar win this year for their documentary Icarus, which premiered in both theaters and on the service on the same day They also landed a controversial deal to get Alex Garland's Annihilation film two weeks after[...]

Let's Talk About 'Mute', Duncan Jones's Netflix Sci-Fi Film

I finally got to sit down and finish watching Duncan Jones's Mute on Netflix, and am still struck by what a beautiful and sometimes horrifying film it was That's not to say it was bad; far from it, really.Since it was announced as a thing, I've been really looking forward to seeing what the Moon director had up[...]

Paul Rudd on Jimmy fallon

Jimmy Fallon, Paul Rudd, and the 5-Minute Tonight Show

After the shortened monologue, he moved over to his desk and out came One-Minute Interview guest Paul Rudd, who answered a few quick questions including talking about his new movie Mute and a tiny clip Then the two sang part of the song Shout before calling it a night.I'm not sure why this particular thing[...]

Mute Netflix

WATCH: First Trailer for Duncan Jones's 'Mute' on Netflix

Welcome to Berlin 2052, brought to you by the mind of director Duncan Jones and his new film, Mute. The 'spiritual sequel' to his critically acclaimed film Moon, this Netflix production has pretty much everything we want in a futuristic film.[caption id="attachment_784505" align="aligncenter" width="600"] This is the brand new key art released this morning along with the trailer.[/caption]The streaming[...]

The Umbrella Academy: Gerard Way, Fabio Moon Offer Filming Updates

I couldn’t think of a better place for the vision Gabriel Bá and myself had when creating the comic, and cannot wait for people to experience that world as a live action show.”– Gerard Way Netflix’s version of The Hargreeves Family includes: Ellen Page (X-Men: Days of Futures Past, Hard Candy) as sister Vanya, who appears to manifest no super[...]

Duncan Jones Plans To Make Blade Runner-esque Future City Film Next

For a while he was driving to make a movie called Mute, a thriller set in a future Berlin and described by Jones himself as having a bit of a Blade Runner vibe That plan is now having a wee rest.. and he's instead wanting to make a film set in an unnamed future city[...]