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Blankos Block Party Will Be Launching On The Epic Games Store
Mythical Games announced today that they will be bringing Blankos Block Party over to the Epic Games Store soon The announcement was pretty brief as they revealed it during NFT NYC, and they didn't really go into much detail beyond that They didn't even really provide a release date beyond the idea that we'll be[...]
Blankos Block Party Introduces Blanko Brawl Mode
Mythical Games revealed they have added a brand new mode to Blankos Block Party this week as you can now try out Blanko Brawl This new group competition will have you battling out as teams with the primary goal of outperforming your opponents in elimination-based Stages, all with the goal of being the last Blanko[...]
Mythical Games Unveils A New Trailer For Blankos Block Party
Blankos Block Party received a new trailer today from Mythical Games as they showed off their fun new creation at the PC Gaming Show The premise for this game is pretty cool and should be a treat for anyone who collects vinyl figures Simply put: what do you think all those figures are doing when[...]