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Sabretooth, Nature Girl & Deadpool's Case Against Krakoa (Spoilers)
As far as these prisoners see it of course – and those they can persuade. They get to clothe themselves with themself, which might make for quite an entrance to the upcoming Hellfire Gala being prepared for. We cited Thomas Paine, now we get to quote George Orwell and his critique of the egalitarian ideals of the[...]
Auto Draft
Not that Otherworld is that receptive to it. Excalibur #25 As Merlyn and Arthur seek to restore the patriarchal monarchy of Otherworld and kick out a) all the mutants b) most of the women and c) definitely the mutant women like Betsy Braddock. Excalibur #25 Still, as today's Strange Academy #15 demonstrates, Otherworld has a lot of problems that[...]
The X-Man Nature Girl Gets A New Bad-Ass Look
Nature Girl has starred in the new X-Men: Green storyline as part of the X-Men Unlimited Infinity Comic by Gerry Duggan and Emilio Laiso And seems to be going quite the transformation into an eco-terrorist Which also includes a whole new look Losing her hair for a more… natural look. The new look Nature Girl has[...]
Wolverine’s Plan To Kill Nature Girl, Mutant Terrorist (Spoilers)
Last week, Marvel Comics launched X-Men: Green with Wolverine Vs Nature Girl As Gerry Duggan, Emilo Laiso, and Rachelle Rosenberg have taken over from Jonathan Hickman and Declan Shalvey on Marvel Comics' X-Men weekly digital comic X-Men Unlimited Infinity on the Marvel Unlimited app.  It stars the mutant Nature Girl, Lin Li, who has the powers to communicate, influence, manipulate, and control nature,[...]
Marvel Comics Launches X-Men: Green With Wolverine Vs Nature Girl
Gerry Duggan, Emilo Laiso, and Rachelle Rosenberg have taken over from Jonathan Hickman and Declan Shalvey on Marvel Comics' X-Men weekly digital comic X-Men Unlimited Infinity on the Marvel Unlimited app. Marvel Comics Launches X-Men: Green With Wolverine Vs Nature Girl And they are doing so with a new storyline, X-Men: Green, reflecting the previous X-Men series[...]