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Avatar Press Announces NYCC 2014 Exclusives: Alan Moore's Crossed +100 'Taste Test' In Limited Numbers, Signed Moore Neonomicon Sets, Brooks' Extinction Parade, Costa's God Is Dead, Ennis' Caliban, Gillen's Uber
For the Moore lovers, also note the God is Dead: Book of Acts Alpha leather edition set and other iterations of "Alpha" that also contains his Glycon story for the series and the final entry here is a set of Neonomicon issues, all signed by Moore. Here are Avatar's Exclusives available at NYCC 2014 at booth[...]
Get Your Copy Of Neonomicon Signed By Alan Moore At Phoenix Comic Con
But, just as Avatar did with Fashion Beast at the London Super Comic Con, they are offering an incredibly limited edition of the Neonomicon Handbook at the Phoenix Comic Con Limited to 26 copies, each with a separate letter and signed by Alan Moore and sketched by Jacen Burrows, the Neonomicon Hornbook Lettered Edition comes[...]
BC Mag #2: Modernizing Lovecraft, An In-Depth Interview With Alan Moore Part 2
Step into the twisted world of the Neonomicon and Cthulhu if you dare, with a 21st century master of modern horror and graphic storytelling… Alan Moore is one of the latest in the line of writers to tackle Lovecraft's mythos, but what sets THE COURTYARD and NEONOMICON apart is the degree to what he deconstructs and[...]
Librarian Reverses Board's Decision To Put Neonomicon Back On The Shelves
Last year, Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows' Neonomicon was withdrawn from a library in Greenville after a teenage girl using an adult library card took it out and her mother strenuously objected. Later the library board all read the graphic novel and voted for it to be returned to the shelves End of? No. The Head Librarian[...]
Neonomicon Banned In South Carolina
Back in June, a South Carolina library pulled their copy of Neonomicon from the adultbookshelves, after a 14 year old girl withdrew it using her mother's library card, and her mother complained. Yup. Learning of the library's decision to remove the book this month, Acacia O'Connor, project coordinator for the Kids' Right to Read Project, said that[...]
BC Mag #1: Modernizing Lovecraft: An In-Depth Interview With Alan Moore
The prospect of adapting Lovecraft's novel AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS into a movie is considered a cinematic Holy Grail by filmmakers and horror fans alike. Alan Moore is one of the latest in the line of writers to tackle Lovecraft's mythos, but what sets THE COURTYARD and NEONOMICON apart is the degree to what[...]
Antony Johnston Provides Insight Into Long-Lost Alan Moore Project, Fashion Beast
What are your thoughts on Neonomicon, the sequel? I thought it was interesting Horrifying, disturbing, and unsettling, and I'm sure that's exactly what Alan would have hoped for It's a book I'm glad I read, but that I have no desire to ever re-read… and again, I'm sure that's just the reaction Alan would want! The cover[...]
The CBLDF Goes To Bat For Neonomicon
Bleeding Cool reported last week about the case of a young teenage girl taking a copy of Alan Moore and Jacen Burrow's Neonomicon, published by Bleeding Cool's own publisher Avatar Press, from her library in South Carolina, and the news coverage that span out of this The library's two copies were withdrawn while it is[...]
Neonomicon Graphic Novel Pulled From South Carolina Library
The Avatar comic Neonomicon by Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows, published by Bleeding Cool owner Avatar Press, has caused a little trouble at a local library when it was taken out by a fourteen year old girl, one Jennifer Gaske, believing it to be… something other than it was. Neonomicon is, basically, The X-Files Meets HP[...]
Avatar Plug of the Week – Crossed: Badlands #6
Meanwhile, the jailbait twins Ashley and Ashlynn continue on their collision course with Steve and Greg, two groups of damaged survivors whose outlook on survival will turn the dark waters of the swamp blood red. Crossed: Badlands #6 is illustrated by the talented Leandro Rizzo, and is available in three different variant covers by Jacen Burrows[...]
Alan Moore Accepts First-Ever GN Bram Stoker Award for Neonomicon
Wolverine by Jonathan Maberry (Marvel) Baltimore Volume I: The Plague Ships by Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden (Dark Horse) Neonomicon by Alan Moore (Avatar Press) From this fine list of projects, Alan Moore was recipient of the award In absentia, Alan Moore's acceptance was read with good humor by award presenters Scott Edelman and Rocky Wood: If I may,[...]
Neonomicon Not Cancelled In The UK
This week, UK retailers received the news that Diamond UK had cancelled the Neonomicon TPB and hardcover, collecting the series by Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows, as well as the Courtyard adaptation by Moore, Burrows and Antony Johnston. Was it censorship? Her Majesty's Custom & Excise objecting to fish penis rape? It wouldn't be the first[...]
Avatar's Other Plug Of The Week: Neonomicon HC and TPB by Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows
Alan Moore's Neonomicon by Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows is published by Avatar today for $19.99 Hardcover for $27.99 As well as the series, it also contains the original Courtyard adaptation by Anthoiny Johnston and Jacen Burrows years before Neonomicon was published. Brears and Lamper, two young and cocky FBI agents, investigate a fresh series of[...]