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Nintendo Discontinues the NES and SNES Classic Editions
It appears Nintendo has chosen to stop production yet again on the NES and SNES Classic Editions, giving up their license to print money Seriously, both of these consoles tend to leave the shelves hand-over-fist whenever there's a restock, but it appears Nintendo has other plans in mind for the tech used to make them[...]
Nintendo is Bringing Back the NES & SNES Classic Editions in June
It appears Nintendo has finally gotten enough of certain products to reproduce the NES Classic Edition and the SNES Classic Edition, as both mini consolse will be making a return to shelves and the company's shop on June 29th The news came down early this morning on Nintendo of America's official Twitter account, letting people[...]
Nintendo To Bring Back The NES Classic Edition Next Summer
To help celebrate the release of the Super NES Classic Edition, Nintendo has made two significant announcements regarding their retro systems The first being that the SNES version will have a "higher volume of units" compared to the last, meaning that you might actually have the chance to buy one and not get scalped on[...]
Nintendo Switch Red Blue
The laymen's version of all that technical data is that there is an emulator file called "flog" on the Nintendo Switch, not being used by any applications or games. The stunning revelation to all this is that this is basically the same tech used in the NES Classic Edition, and most likely the Super NES Classic[...]
Nintendo Finally Releases Details On The Super NES Classic Edition
This morning, Nintendo finally unveiled the look and details of the Super NES Classic Edition The system will be released on September 29 and will run you $80, two months sooner than the NES Classic Edition was released at a $20 markup Which means Nintendo learned their lesson about making more money off stuff it probably[...]
The NES Classic Edition No Longer Available At Nintendo NYC
The beginning of the end for the run of the NES Classic Edition has started with an unfortunate tweet that will upset millions of gamers in the tri-state area The system is no longer available at Nintendo NYC, as the company posted yesterday. As of 4/27/17 the NES Classic Edition system will no longer be available for purchase[...]
Still Want An NES Classic Edition? Best Buy Will Be Your Best Shot
After all the terrible news about the NES Classic Edition, and now the news that the SNES Classic Edition will be replacing it, fans are now anxiously awaiting the last of the consoles to hit the marketplace Well, we got good news and bad new for you and they're both the same: Best Buy is[...]
In The Dumbest Move Ever, Nintendo Is Canceling The NES Classic Edition
When Nintendo released the NES Classic Edition last November, the company basically gave themselves a license to print money Whether you're a Nintendo fan or not, you could not deny the immediate success of the retro console as it sold out across the globe and people have been waiting to plop down $60 and get[...]
Nintendo Mine The Nostalgia Well With NES Classic Edition Trailer
While the Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition is a mouthful to say, the mini-system, which comes pre-built with 30 games inside is a bite-sized package. It was announced a few weeks ago, but the company has now released a trailer for the game which leans heavily on the 80s nostalgia At just $59.99, and the[...]