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An RPG Fantasy Theme Park You Say? We Tried "Heroland" at E3 2019
Check out the entire list of games below, choose your titles wisely, and as always; have fun! Credit: XSEED Games December 3rd Arise: A Simple Story (PS4, XB1) Big Pharma (XB1) Blair Witch (PS4) Cuisine Royale (PS4) EarthNight (PS4, Switch) Fight'N Rage (PS4) Gang Beasts (PS4, XB1) Heroland (PS4, Switch) JigSaw Solace (PS4, Switch) Life is Strange 2 – Episode 5 (PC, PS4, XB1) The Master Chief Collection[...]
"Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition" Drops Onto Consoles Today
Skybound Games and Beamdog have officially released the classic Dungeons & Dragons classic RPG Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition on consoles today The game is currently available for download in all of the digital stores for PS4, Switch, and Xbox One But you can also head out and purchase a boxed edition for $50 For now,[...]
Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition Coming to Steam in Late March
Beamdog Games announced during a livestream today that Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition will be coming to Steam on March 27th Below is the stream itself talking about the game's release along with several notes from their blog about the game The stream is a pretty good watch as it has news on a few other topics presented[...]
Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition On Its Way To PC Soon
As a nice added bonus, you'll be able to bring all your mods and previous save games with you into this version. You can see it in action right here in this trailer. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition Coming Soon ( [...]