New York International Auto Show

The Dodge Demon Drag Race Challenge At The New York Auto Show

Dodge has been doing these drag race challenges for a few rounds of autoshows now, but the Demon Challenge that they're towing around this year is a bit stupid. You've got two cars that function as the game's controls, so it's arguable the closest to actual racing we're likely to get. And it features the new […]

Capturing That Perfect Moment With Mazda's Jinba Ittai VR

  Maza has two booths at the New York International Auto Show this year, one booth up on the main floor of the Javitz Center, and another down on the lower level by the racing collectives, trucks, and industrial vehicles. Mazda's second booth has all the same cars as their other booth, but the main […]

Hands On With Nissan And Star Wars Battle Test VR

The Nissan booth was fully kitted out for Star Wars, showing off their Rogue One series of Rogue SUVs. There was also a return of the "turn yourself into a Storm Trooper" experience, which was pretty cute. Sadly, the Rogue One Rogues were locked and not street legal, so I was unable to take one for a spin. What […]