Hands On With Nissan And Star Wars Battle Test VR


The Nissan booth was fully kitted out for Star Wars, showing off their Rogue One series of Rogue SUVs. There was also a return of the "turn yourself into a Storm Trooper" experience, which was pretty cute.


Sadly, the Rogue One Rogues were locked and not street legal, so I was unable to take one for a spin. What I did get to test out was the VR experience.


The Battle Test VR experience used the Oculus Rift headset. The experience itself was pretty simplistic. You stand around watching a Star Wars battle. Then a Nissan Rogue pulls up and you get dropped inside. Once there, you get to look around as the simulated car speeds around the feet of some AT-AT Walkers, the Death Star looming in the background.

The VR was pretty reactive to where you looked, though your peripheral vision was, naturally, rather lacking. The experience didn't make me want to buy a Nissan Rogue, but I did enjoy the novelty.

The most emtertaining part of the experience though, was watching the faces of all the kids once they strapped om those VR headsets and entered the world of Rogue One. 

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