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The Best Man: Brendan Fehr on Filming Action Thriller in Short Time
Alec Rossel, The Best Man also stars Nicky Whelan and Scott Martin The film comes to theaters, on-demand and digital, on April 21st. Brendan Fehr is cognizant of how efficient the Hollywood machine is in his nearly 30 years of experience Since making his debut in the TV series Breaker High in 1997, the actor's made[...]
Maneater: Nicky Whalen on Crossing Shark Thriller Off Her Bucket List
Nicky Whelan is always ready to tackle new challenges as an actress, and her latest one is Saban Films' shark survival horror thriller Maneater The actress plays Jessie, a woman enjoying her prepaid honeymoon despite her broken engagement with her friends at an idyllic island paradise, not knowing a ravenous shark is stalking them[...]
Maneater: Jeff Fahey on Shark Thriller & Working with Trace Adkins
I find the shark film genre entertaining, and it's got its fans. Shane West and Nicky Whelan in Maneater (2022) Image courtesy of Saban Films How did Justin run his set on Maneater? I've been off doing other films and out of the country quite a bit I haven't seen the finished product yet, but I always enjoy[...]