Nicolas Pesce

"The Grudge" Stays True to Kayako in New Poster

"The Grudge" Director Discusses the Film's Canon

The curse that stemmed from Kayako in The Grudge and carries over into this new parallel film, spawning a new curse of its own which director Nicolas Pesce is now addressing Pesce tells Gizmodo: "A big thing of this movie is kind of just showing, yes, the movies have traditionally been uniquely Japanese, but the mythology[...]

"The Grudge" Introduces a New Poster Following Tradition

"The Grudge" Director Discusses the Future of the Franchise

For those of you who are wondering what to expect, director Nicolas Pesce opened up about the idea of expanding The Grudge and what we can expect moving forward.When speaking with the Boo Crew podcast, Pesce offered Grudge fans hope about the potential for more of the vengeful spirit Pesce explained: “I think the overarching thing[...]

"The Grudge" Stays True to Kayako in New Poster

"The Grudge" Featurette Shows New Horrors and Connections to the Past

A new featurette with producer Sam Raimi and director Nicolas Pesce shows off some new footage for the film, with a little insight from the creative team behind the epic returning horror title.In the footage, we learn that the connections to the 2004 film go as far as showing the house that started it all,[...]

Interview: Nicolas Pesce on Flipping Giallo's Gender Dynamics in 'Piercing'

At Fantastic Fest 2018, Castle of Horror Co-host Tony Salvaggio sat down to discuss director Nicolas Pesce’s new dark genre adaptation of Ryû Murakami’s cat and mouse psycho-thriller Piercing.Pesce shares his ideas on adapting the book, evoking a mood in a minimalistic story and his influences both film and musically to Italian giallo movies.Warning –[...]