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Full Marvel Comics August 2023 Solicits & Solicitations
With Greg Pak, Al Ewing, Jay Ededin, Jan Bazaldua, Jethro Morales, Nina Vakueva, Wilton Santos and more, with Sunspot, Bishop, Psylocke, Jubilee, Storm and Iceman on the cover. MARVEL'S VOICES: X-MEN #1 GREG PAK, AL EWING, JAY EDIDIN & MORE (W) • JAN BAZALDUA, JETHRO MORALES, NINA VAKUEVA, WILTON SANTOS & MORE (A) • COVER BY BERNARD CHANG VARIANT[...]
Tessa Thompson-Based Valkyrie Takes Her First Kiss
Today sees the publication of Return of The Valkyries #1 by Jason Aaron, Torunn Gronbekk, Nina Vakueva, Tara Bonvillain and Joe Sabino from Marvel Comics, which does a lot It ties in with The King In Black and the recent death of The Sentry – and a Celestial It sees the Jane Foster version of[...]
Marvel Comics Teases The Future Of Black Cat
But the comic also gives a look ahead to what may be coming after the current crossover with artist Nina Vakueva. And it all comes down to plans from her alma mater, The Black Fox. Marvel Comics Teases The Future Of Black Cat With Nina Vakueva, Credit: Marvel. The Black Cat stealing the most powerful things in the[...]
The Sneakiest of Peeks Ahead at Marvel Comics #1001
The sequel to Marvel Comics #1000, it continues the same overarching idea of an ongoing story by Al Ewing threaded through a litany one one page stories by the good and the great from Marvel Comics' history. Currently that includes writers Al Ewing, Audrey Loeb, Jimmy Palmiotti, Declan Shalvey, Vita Ayala, Howard Chaykin, Kaare Andrews, Frank[...]
BOOM! Announces New Heavy Vinyl OGN for 2020
Heavy Vinyl: Y2K-O! will reunite writer Carly Usdin and artist Nina Vakueva for a new story set in 1999, back when record stores still existed and we didn't just get all our music from Spotify and YouTube, though the cataclysm was certainly on the horizon A press release contains more details: LOS ANGELES, CA (July 5,[...]