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jess taylor
Well, for me, today at Nine Worlds In Hammersmith, that was the comic book work of Jess Taylor. Set up in a corner of the vendor's room, she tells me that she's only started doing this work in the last year, as well as working as a storyboard artist.But it strikes me as incredibly accomplished, fresh[...]
geeky bath bombs
That seem to fit in very well at Nine Worlds in Hammersmith, London, where she was exhibiting today. And they included what first caught my eye: geeky bath bombs, featuring hidden surprises Looking pretty close to the kind of thing you can pick up from Lush, these come with a big difference. There are prizes inside! Dice[...]
queer disney
Scholar Avery Delany held a Queer Coding In Disney panel at Nine Worlds in Hammersmith, London, this weekend Identifying Disney characters who may be intended to LGBTQ+ has become more common, especially in the light of the announcement that Beauty and the Beast would feature its first gay character, but Delany chose to give a[...]
geeky cosplay
Nine Worlds does not There must always be explicit permission, press must identify themselves and you can wear yellow lanyards specifically stating that you don't wish to be photographed at all, so there's no point in asking Will other shows join this? Or are they too beholden to roving media crews? Here is a look at[...]
Nine Things I Learned At Nine Worlds, And Why You Should Join Me In 2017
Nine Worlds is a residential genre convention held in and around London every year that Kieron Gillen has repeatedly described as a petri-dish of the future of fandom I only heard him say it twice this weekend But I agreed a lot more. The show takes in sci-fi, fantasy, comics, gaming, cosplay and more, with an[...]
Testing Out Tails At Nine Worlds In London
I will have plenty of things to say, all pretty much positive, about the Nine Worlds convention in London this weekend. But for now I thought I'd leave you with some people playing with tails. I dunno, I just thought it was really funny. Who doesn't want a tail all of their own? I will have plenty of things[...]
A Little Cosplay At Nine Worlds In London Today
Nine Worlds, a Sci-fi-fantasy-comics-gaming-everything really convention is occurring in Hammersmith, West London right now As I type I'm in the Joss Whedon singalong… Going through the motions This show is anything but. I've thoroughly enjoyed a panel on journalism and social media, feminist critique of Jessica Jones, plenty of time in the bar with old friends[...]