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Ubisoft Reveals More Rainbow Six Siege Operators and Mission Info
Aside from two new operators on each side in Kaid (a defender who deals with electricity) and Nomad (an attacker who uses special airjab shots to clear rooms), you're getting a fresh new map called Fortress Check out the intro videos and finer details below about Operation Wind Bastion. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled:[...]
Marvel's New Nomad, Old Moon Knight And More…
Some Marvel Zombies here, some Amazing Spider-Man there… but what else? Well, David Baldeon is drawing Rikki Barnes from Heroes Reborn a new world in her own four issue mini-series, Nomad: Girl Without A World #1 After playing a part in the return of Steve Rogers, it looks like the Capless Bucky is looking to[...]
Missing Marvel September Solicitations?
What about the titles that Marvel are publishing in September… but missed out of their "official" solicitations? Diamond seems to have a bunch of titles. For example… where is Vengeance Of Moon Knight #1? What about Dark Reign List Daredevil #1? Then there's Marvel Zombies Return #1, Nomad Girl Without A World#1, Thor Defining Moments Giant-Size[...]