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Pulse Films Goes Nuclear with Series Adaptation of The Atomic Bazaar
Even more disturbing is the likelihood of such weapons being manufactured and deployed by guerrilla non-state terrorists. Langewiesche also recounts the recent history of Abdul Qadeer Khan, the scientist at the forefront of nuclear development and trade in the Middle East who masterminded the theft and sale of centrifuge designs that helped to build Pakistanâ's nuclear[...]
In the wake of President Donald Trump threatening nuclear war with North Korea, a lot of people are speculating that Trump's comments were inspired by the words of President Harry Truman after dropping nuclear bombs on Japan during World War II Truman commanded the Japanese to surrender, or face "a rain of ruin from the air,[...]
Play As Kim Jong-Un Riding A Narwhal In Kickstarter Game Glorious Leader!
What with the confusion over the Sony and North Korean hacks being a hot topic, it's of course customary to expect little pieces of media that capitalize on the topic Well, gaming's version has turned up. I heard about the game Glorious Leader! back in May when it hit Steam Greenlight, but developer Jeff Miller is[...]
Mike Myers / Dr. Evil Visit SNL To Talk Sony Vs #GoP
Evil took Sony and the North Korean government to school on being evil Plus the inevitable Love Guru joke. There has been some decent stuff coming out of SNL lately, a bit of a resurgence for the show. [youtube][/youtube] Mike Myers returned to Saturday Night Live last night for the cold opening where he pulled out the skull[...]
Larry Flynt Offers To Distribute 'The Interview' For Sony
I don't even consider a threat from North Korea to be substantial." And when asked if he would distribute The Interview if asked, he said "Of course, we get involved in secondary distribution all the time." Ball's in your court, Sony… On BBC's Newsnight TV show airing on BBC2 right now, Hustler founder Larry Flynt stated that he was working on producing[...]
FBI Confirms North Korean Government Is Behind The Sony Hack
The FBI has released a statement confirming that the attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment was the work of the North Korean government The computer hacking took place on November 24th and lead to the uploading of films (Fury, Annie, and others), the release of confidential and private corporate information as well as the release of[...]
Comics Industry Reacts To… North Korean Naughtiness
They didn't think making a movie about killing the leader of North Korea would be "controversial"? Riiiiiiight — Brian Truitt (@briantruitt) December 16, 2014 Today's lessens: 1) North Korea does not have a sense of humour, 2) North Korea is very good with computers. — Jeff Smith (@TheComicHunter) December 17, 2014 North Korea has the upper[...]
The Comic Book Adaptation Taken Down By North Korea
It's not just the movies, e-mails and documents that got leaked by North Korean hackers. It's not just the movie not being released because of terrorist threats to cinemas. But the planned thriller Pyongyang based on the award-winning graphic novel by Guy Delisle, a film written and starring Steve Carell with Gore Verbinski to direct has just had its[...]
Sony Releases Red Band Trailer For The Interview
In an attempt to do some "real news", they accept an invite from North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un to interview him The CIA asks the two men to do them a little favor and kill the Supreme Leader. North Korea did not find the plot for the movie funny. The Interview opens on Christmas Day. Reminder – This[...]