Comics Industry Reacts To… North Korean Naughtiness

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It sucks. everything about this sucks.

for the record I have worked with or for Sony as long as I've worked at marvel. powers is a Sony television production.

because of this, there are people I work with who had absolutely nothing to do with this movie and their lives have been turned completely upside down by these hackers.

I am a Seth Rogen fan. I really am. he should be able to tell his story. hopefully when the dust clears he will be able to.

but if this movie came out this week and one person got hurt because of it the same people filled with righteous indignation about Sony's decision would be blaming Sony.   I think, under these horrible conditions, they made the right choice. at least for now.

but all of this sucks!

But echoing others, let's leave the last word to Co-Publisher of DC Comics, Dan DiDio

Okay, maybe just one more.

Larry Young December 18 at 7:17pm

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