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The Firebase: Neill Blomkamps Latest Short Film

The Firebase: Neill Blomkamp's Latest Short Film

Director Neill Blomkamp has made some pretty impactful films.  District 9 showed us another side of what a science fiction film could be, and started pointing to the very real posibility of a Blomkamp Alien picture. Unfortunately, hopes and dreams of his direct-to-Aliens sequel were dashed when Sir Ridley Scott stepped back in and swooped up the franchise […]

Trailer For Oats Studios Volume One Promises Weird Sh*t And Were Into It

Trailer For Oats Studios 'Volume One' Promises "Weird Sh*t" And We're Into It

Blomkamp so bring on the weird shit.Oats Studios 'Volume One' will stream to youtube sometime in 2017.We were all really excited with the teaser for Oats Studios Volume One and now a full trailer for the shorts has been released They look bloody, they look over the top, they feature a Sigourney Weaver looking[...]