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The Firebase: Neill Blomkamps Latest Short Film

The Firebase: Neill Blomkamp's Latest Short Film

 Oats Studios was set up to house Neill's new short films A set of (s0 far) three short films have been released by the youtube channel, in a collection called "Oats Studios Vol 1".First came Rakka, an alien-invasion concept That was followed by Cooking With Bill, a wacky infomercial that goes terribly wrong  Yesterday, the third film from[...]

Trailer For Oats Studios Volume One Promises Weird Sh*t And Were Into It

Trailer For Oats Studios 'Volume One' Promises "Weird Sh*t" And We're Into It

We were all really excited with the teaser for Oats Studios Volume One and now a full trailer for the shorts has been released They look bloody, they look over the top, they feature a Sigourney Weaver looking like a boss, and they look like a great time.https://youtu.be/1mtInkJObXkThere were a few questions that needed to[...]

Neill Blomkamp Is Planning Another Movie In The World Of District 9

Neill Blomkamp Is "Planning Another Movie" In The World Of 'District 9'

Neill Blomkamp took the world by surprise this week when he finally released a trailer for the first project from his new studio Oats Studios It looks really cool and Blomkamp did a long interview with The Verge about another movie in the world of District 9, and his very dead Alien movieWhile talking[...]

Neill Blomkamps Oats Studios Releases A Teaser For Volume 1

Neill Blomkamp's Oats Studios Releases A Teaser For "Volume 1"

The teaser for the first Oats Studios project has landed online and it looked exactly like something you could expect from Blomkamp in the best possible wayhttps://youtu.be/zoiezEB9n2QThe trailer features some very cool looking monsters which Blomkamp seems to specialize in The Oats Studios twitter account posted a high quality picture a few days ago[...]