'Arrow' Preview: Does "Star City Slayer" Have a Kevin Smith Connection? [VIDEO, IMAGES]

The younger Stanley is his grandson, who has a bond with the demonic creature.While it's unlikely that the capture of a demonic creature will likely make it to Arrow (that stays on DC's Legends of Tomorrow, folks), it is possible that the television version of Stanley may possess some of the elder's traits from the comics. Onomatopoeia [caption[...]


Comic Book Villain Wish List: Arrow – Onomatopoeia

Now we take a look at Arrow and going to go with what may be his most requested villain, Onomatopoeia.Created by Kevin Smith and Phil Hester in their year-long run on the character, first appearing in Green Arrow vol 3 #12 (2002) He is a serial killer that targets non-powered, vigilante heroes… like most of[...]

Kevin Smith Talks Onomatopoeia And Wanting To Write For Arrow

Kevin Smith has been talking about wanting to write for Arrow for a while now, specifically bringing the villain he created, Onomatopoeia, to the small screen He talked to Den of Geek about it and just how he would do the characters signature style.First, on whether or not it's going to happen: Oh my god, I[...]

Kevin Smith Wants To Bring Onomatopoeia To Arrow

Recently I did a write up of what I'd like to see in Arrow season five and one of the things on the list was the villain Onomatopoeia Turns out I'm not the only one The creator of the villain and former Green Arrow comic writer Kevin Smith told Variety that he would like to[...]

DC Nation Gives Us Two Green Arrow Cartoons

Maybe we'll get Onomatopoeia on the show too.[youtube]http://youtu.be/JbTxckMkWsA[/youtube][youtube]http://youtu.be/Na-zIOpfWNQ[/youtube]And if you missed the original with Brick.[youtube]http://youtu.be/NODI-073Fiw[/youtube] I used to love Saturday Morning cartoons.. so it's not Saturday.. but it's still kind of morning and DC has released two of their latest DC Nation Green Arrow bits[...]