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Speak Of The Sons Of The Devil – OSSM Comics And Brian Buccellato On Their New Image Series
By Alex Wilson For those of you unfamiliar with OSSM Comics, they're a Santa Monica based publisher who've released a few genre spanning titles such as Monomyth, Thaniel, Xenoglyphs, and Separators They've also published the collected limited series Foster by New York Times Best Selling Author, Brian Buccellato. OSSM Comics is currently working with Buccellato on his[...]
Monomyth – What If Adam And Eve Never Ate The Apple
On October 22nd the third and final issue of Monomyth comes out from OSSM Comics The story is written by Siike Donnelly with art by Eric Ninaltowski and it is basically a rebooting origin story for the bible. Here Michael and Lucifer fight and both fall from heaven It's Michael's plan to lead the angels in[...]
Thaniel – A Morality Tale With A Difference
I definitely miss those more experimental days of my youth. So what got me thinking about those comics again? It was a new books from OSSM Comics called Thaniel. The fourth issue of the series hit shelves this week and I sat down this evening (or last night when you read this) and read the full series[...]
Exclusive First Look At Thaniel #2
We've got an exclusive first look OSSM Comics at the cover and interior pages from Thaniel #2 by Omar Spahi and Terry Huddleston as the final order cutoff date approaches The book will be on the shelves April 23rd so let your retailers know if you want one right away. After discovering who the person behind[...]
Exclusive First Look At Thaniel From OSSM Comics
OSSM Comics, the publisher created by Omar Spahi has its newest title Thaniel in Previews now with issues #1 and #2 being released in April Spahi writes the series along with artist Terry Huddleston. The story follows a young man who grew up around death his whole life, losing his friends, enemies, and his mother Soon after[...]
Building a Comic Company – A Look At OSSM Comics
This too is what is needed to form a company. By the end of 2014, I hope you all know the name Omar Spahi, know the company OSSM Comics, and enjoy the titles Xenoglyphs, Thaniel, Separators, and Monomyth These are books I've been the editor on, hired recently by this hardworking young man after another one[...]
An OSSM Comics Holiday Gift – Sneak Previews of Thaniel, Separators, Monomyth
Siike Donnelly writes: In the past, Alex Wilson has been kind enough to review the first book by OSSM Comics, Xenoglyphs, and Rich Johnston has been overly gracious in publishing those stories, while also helping me spread the word on a project very close to my heart. Recently, I underwent a procedure where coils were slid through[...]