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BC Mag #2: Comic Book Feuds

BC Mag #2: Comic Book Feuds

Bleeding Cool Magazine article by Rich Johnston People understand Hollywood feuds exist, but find it strange similar behaviour might be exhibited in a field as lowly as that of, say, the comic book industry. But people are people, human nature remains, it's just there's less money in comics. Which often makes the behaviour worse, not […]

When Rob Ruffalo Pretended To Be Pat Lee

When Rob Ruffalo Pretended To Be Pat Lee

Who actually drew it?Pat Lee: I can confirm that it is not my artwork and I’m not quite sure who contracted or agreed that I would illustrate it.  I do not even recall that this art was done for the retailer So, I’m a little confused myself.  So much artwork was being produced at Dreamwave[...]

Pat Lee Designs New Anime Show Train Hero

Pat Lee Designs New Anime Show, Train Hero

TV Tokyo is creating a new CGI anime series with Carloon Animation and Total Production Office called Train Hero.And the infamous Pat Lee is designing all the characters for the 26 episode show, a Thunderbirds-style rescue show handling a nationwide train network.Yeah, I'm taking the bus from now on I think.The 26-episode Train Hero deals[...]

Video: Pat Lee Talks Alien Life

Video: Pat Lee Talks Alien Life

But that doesn't mean he can't relate to alien life insteadPat Lee has contributed illustrations to a book, The Extraterrestrial Compendium, cataloguing and displaying information about reported sentient alien life that are meant to have visited this planet.Disinformation has two entries from the book;Arcturians AKA: The Arcturian Confederation Origins: The star Arcturus in the Constellation of Bootes,[...]

Pat Lee Talks To Bleeding Cool Via A Dabel Brother

He wanted to offer me an interview with Pat Lee.I'm stunned and amazed but it seems to check out For context, a few years ago, a week wouldn't go by without me listing the latest crime against against comics by Pat Lee Accusations of siphoning off money to leave creators in debt when bankruptcy came,[...]

Did Aliens Steal Pat Lees Money

Did Aliens Steal Pat Lee's Money?

Pat Lee is a comic creator who, along with his brother Roger Lee, started Dreamwave Productions And then managed to divert all its income streams into a new company Dream Engine before then making Dreamwave bankrupt, owing stacks of cash to creators and companies alike And then managed to do the same with Dream Engine[...]

The Tenth Annual Rumour Awards – THE DECADE SPECIAL AWARDS

And he knows where everybody's skeletons are buried and which Human Resources files hold the X Rays.Let's watch him accept an Inkpot Award...SCAM OF THE DECADE Would it be Marc Alessi, who persuaded large sections of the comics community to move to Tampa, Florida before going bust as quietly as possible? Or Rick Olney, also probably[...]