Video: Pat Lee Talks Alien Life


He may have had difficulty treating people as sentient, intelligent life. But that doesn't mean he can't relate to alien life instead

Pat Lee has contributed illustrations to a book, The Extraterrestrial Compendium, cataloguing and displaying information about reported sentient alien life that are meant to have visited this planet.

Disinformation has two entries from the book;

Video: Pat Lee Talks Alien LifeArcturians

AKA: The Arcturian Confederation
Origins: The star Arcturus in the Constellation of Bootes, approximately
36 light-years from Earth.
Attitude Toward Humans: Benevolent

General Description: There are widely-differing views on what this race looks like. Some believe Arcturians are about the size of children, standing 3 to 4 feet tall with pale green or blue skin, large dark almond-shaped eyes, and only three fingers on each hand. They may have large craniums and highly-developed telepathic and telekinetic capabilities. Perhaps they also require minimal sleep, and their life-span may range up
to a few hundred years.

Arcturians are believed to be among the most advanced, benevolent and enlightened civilizations in the galaxy. They value spirituality and family, and are said to be able to transcend physical form. They are governed by a council of extremely wise elders, and thought to have a very hierarchical society. Many humans claim to have communicated telepathically with Arcturians and been told that Arcturians have been one of the extraterrestrial races helping to guide the advance of human civilization.

Arcturian spaceships are believed to range from tens of feet to many miles in length. Some also believe the energy required to propel these massive ships comes from a type of crystal, and that Arcturians have developed teleportation technology.

Ciakar Draconian ReptiliansCiakar Draconian Reptilians

AKA: The Orion Empire
Origins: The constellation Draco, 11.5 to several hundred light years from Earth.
Attitude Toward Humans: Malevolent

General Description: Ciakars are reputedly one of the most powerful, respected and ancient Reptilian races, and are supposedly descended from royalty. Other, lesser Reptilians are believed in turn to be descended from Ciakars. Ciakars are much larger and more powerful than their cousins. They supposedly have wings on their backs, a skeletal structure comprising multiple spinal columns, yellowish reptilian eyes, dark green or brown, thick, impenetrable and scaly skin. They may allegedly also have two hearts. Through human eyes, these creatures are truly monsters, ranging up to thirty feet in height and several thousand pounds in weight. They may live for thousands of years too. Could Ciakars have been the mythical dragons in ancient human lore?

Ciakars are ruled through a monarchy, and are thought to have first come to Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago. They supposedly have a powerful military and control many other races throughout the galaxy, such as the Zeta Grey Reticulans, who do much of their dirty work for the Ciakars, such as human abductions. Throughout galactic history, Ciakars and the human race have been mortal enemies. As with most Reptilians, Ciakars continue to this day to seek the elimination and/or enslavement of the human race, and may even be operating from bases deep within Earth's underground.

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