Did Aliens Steal Pat Lee's Money?

Did Aliens Steal Pat Lee's Money?Pat Lee is a comic creator who, along with his brother Roger Lee, started Dreamwave Productions. And then managed to divert all its income streams into a new company Dream Engine before then making Dreamwave bankrupt, owing stacks of cash to creators and companies alike. And then managed to do the same with Dream Engine. All the time deceiving various publishers as to who was doing the work he was producing, while promoting himself as a superstar of comics, a philosopher and a moral beacon. He then ran off to Hong Kong, where he started a successful studio, before recently returning to the US market via Dynamite with his new comic Widow Warriors. There are a bunch of links at the bottom of this article.

And now he has a new project. The Extraterrestrial Compendium.

Just in time for the approach of the reputedly transformative year 2012 — a comprehensive collection of extraterrestrial life-forms as visualized and vividly rendered by Pat Lee of Transformers, DC, and Marvel comics fame, and his select group of artists. Within the UFO and exopolitics communities, there is both debate and consensus about many of the "known" extraterrestrial races, but seldom have they been revealed in this level of detail. To the believer, the curious, or just open-minded, The Extraterrestrial Compendium provides fuel for thought.

Aimed at 9-12 years olds, it's to be published by Sea Lion Books in March. Sea Lion was set up by David Dabel and Pascal Dabel, part of the Dabel Brothers group, who have had their own issues with payiong creators, before they too were bought up by Dynamite.

We are looking forward to Pat Lee's new explanation about owed money and credits as being abducted by greys. It would make more sense than some of the other explanations over the years.

Sea Lion Books can be contacted here by anyone who thinks they have an alternative use for the book's royalties…

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