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PS4 Owners Love Persona 5 Enough That It Was The PSN Top Download For April
The Persona series have never been what you'd call mainstream favorites In fact, Atlus's series of high school action rpgs are often considered cult hits, if anything But Persona 5 seems to have found its market By which I mean, literally everyone And I get it, I really do I've been playing the game when I can[...]
Someone Actually Made The Phan-Site From Persona 5 *SPOILERS*
There are some decent spoilers for Atlus's Persona 5 in this article, so do be careful. At a point in the game, the Phantom Thieves end up with their own blog, called the Phan-site And naturally the internet has delivered The purpose of the in-game Phan-site is to cover, encourage, and expand the network of Phantom Thieves[...]
Persona 5 Looks Impossibly Stylish In This New Trailer
Persona 5, finally, is nearly here with Western audiences Many have wanted the game for some time, and considering it came out months ago in Japan, it has been excruciating for fans I'm sure. However, to just give you a nice taste of how mindbogglingly stylish this game looks, take a peak at this new trailer[...]
Check Out Some Persona 5 Combat In New Footage
Persona 5 is still quite a bit aways for those of us in the West, what with the localisation not hitting our stores until February, but in Japan, it's just a month away. That means the marketing is ramping up and we can probably expect to see a lot from the game in the next few[...]
Check Out 15 Minutes Of Persona 5 Footage
Persona 5 Is going to be a huge release when it finally launches The game is coming to Japan in September, but unfortunately for the devout fans in the West, that wait is extended to February next year. To help tide over those suffering fans, here is a whole bunch of footage from the game This[...]
Persona 5 Gets A 2017 US Release Date
Persona 4 really grew the franchise out in the West and it's now become a massive deal It's easily one of the biggest gaming franchises coming out of Japan right now, so understandably, the hype for the game is pretty massive right now. The game is slated for a Japan 2016 release, but it's now been[...]
Persona 5 Gets A Japanese Release Date And A New  Trailer
Persona 5 has been a long time coming at this point It was meant to come out last year, but it got pushed out of 2015, where it has more or less been quiet ever since. Well, no longer A livestream was held today, which revealed a Japanese release date, on top of a new trailer[...]
Persona 5 Gets A Delay But A Colorful New Trailer Too To Make Up For It
As I've said before, the Persona series has passed me by like a freight train It seems that the franchise went from lowly cult title, to massive hit over night in the west The franchise clearly has a lot of huge fans though, and their enthusiasm for the series is making me keep an eye[...]
Check Out These Persona 5 Screenshots For A Better Look At The Game
The Persona series moved way to fast for me to grab hold of the speeding train I swear it went from a tiny name I only heard in obscure passing to the franchise everyone adored over night. Having said that, I'm going to make a concerted effort to explore the series with the upcoming Persona 5[...]