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Dredd Movie And Sequels Chat – Alex Garland Answers The Fans

You won't be seeing much of director Pete Travis in the various interviews, featurettes and other associated marketing pieces, but you will be hearing a lot from Alex Garland.Credited as a producer and the screenwriter for the film, it's becoming clear that Garland was very, very involved with many of the key decisions on Dredd[...]

Dredd's Alex Garland Gives Awkward Q&A At Frightfest

I think he was saying a lot more than perhaps he realised.I wish I had the audio - and I implore Frightfest to release the video, if they have it - because Garland's tone spoke volumes.But not quite as much as his silences.For example, Jones asked why the producers had chosen Pete Travis to direct[...]

New Footage In This Dredd Featurette

I know which of those I agree with.Also, do note precisely how many times that Pete Travis, the director of the film appears.Previously: my first reactions having seen the finished film. Between the talking head clips there's quite a lot of new clips from Dredd in this featurette And because you need it, there's also[...]

Dredd Clip Is Full Of Drugs And Guns And Brutal Judgment

This clip from Pete Travis' Dredd shows off the look of the slow-motion drug use sequences well And it also showcases just how bloody the film can be.Note that the production design in the clip is, to a very large extent, naturalistic stuff, barely augmented from what you might find in the world today[...]

I Went To See Dredd Last Night And I Want To Tell You About It

It's much more Children of Men than I Am Legend.Alex Garland, the film's screenwriter, and director Pete Travis, have created a Dredd that clearly means something to them Being Brits, they've reflected that country, my country - the country where Dredd is best known and, not accidentally, most resonant.And as such, I wonder if the[...]

Video: Preview The Trailer For Dredd – UPDATED

Prejudging time. This Comic-Con round-up video from Machinima includes the first officially released footage from Dredd. You'll recognise one of the scenes from the pre-viz material we were looking at a couple of weeks back. The clips in question start at 2:50. UPDATE: And here's just the ten seconds, to loop until your heart is […]

Look! It's Lena Headey As Dredd's Big Bad

When Judge Joe's new movie Dredd finally comes along in September, we'll be looking for it to wipe the bad taste of Danny Cannon out of our mouths. Chief among its weapons will be Karl Urban, in the title role, and Lena Headey as the film's antagonist, Madeline "Ma Ma" Madrigal. Described in the script […]

Judge Dredd's New Movie Gets An R Rating

You got your wish.Expect to see Pete Travis' film on September 7th in the UK and September 21st in the US.I know how important this will be to some of you, so here you go: Dredd has been given an R rating by the MPAA.Those scallywags gave this rationale for the rating in their[...]

Lawmaster Chase Storyboard From The New Dredd Movie

Still, it's our first look an action sequence from Dredd, if only at a remove.Pete Travis and Alex Garland's film will be with us towards the end of the year I'm not sure we'll be seeing any footage this side of Comic Con but it would sure be nice. Storyboard artist Frederick Mpuuga has shared[...]

Dredd Pics And Video – Fast Moving Action (Ahem) And MegaCity Glimpses

A number of behind-the-scenes pictures and videos from the shoot of Dredd, Pete Travis and Alex Garland's Judge Dredd movie, have been posted online They come from the collection of Lone Wolf Grips, the company providing all of the camera rigs, tracks and grip services for the film.These two videos show the camera rigs in[...]

Judge Dredd Filmmakers Release Official Statement – So What's Going On?

We reported at the weekend how director Pete Travis had, apparently, been removed from the head of Dredd, our new Judge Dredd movie, and that writer Alex Garland had stepped up to take the reigns.The story was sourced from The LA Times, who have now published an official statement, jointly signed by Travis and Garland: During[...]

Judge Dredd Director Locked Out, Replaced By Writer Alex Garland

To me, Pete Travis immediately seemed like an odd choice to direct Dredd, the new Judge Dredd film, but perhaps an interesting one.His work on TV once impressed Paul Greengrass enough that they teamed up for the film Omagh, a pretty powerful and certainly promising drama about the Real IRA bombing in the town of[...]

More Judge Dredd Images – Including First Look At Judge Anderson

The latest issue of Empire Magazine has a big Dredd head on the cover, and inside, our first look at Olivia Thirlby in the guise of Psi Judge Anderson. Or at least, that's how the cover looks on the copies mailed to subscribers. Any non-sub covers have yet to appear, so there's a chance that […]